Direct-To-Consumer Mobile Portals & Winksite

Everyone Has A Mobile Phone

  • 750 million mobile devices will be sold this year compared to 250 million PCs
  • 2 billion mobile phone users worldwide

…creating a new generation of content creators & consumers.

Soon…Media Dominance
Research from mobile media firm Enpocket finds that 30% of respondents age 18-24 prefer their mobile phones over TV, newspapers, the Internet, radio and magazines. Across all age groups, mobile phones were preferred over the Internet coming in second only to TV. (70 million 18-to-34-year-olds in the US)

This Media Dominance Comes With A Twist
The definition of Mass Media is changing from…
Media Made FOR an Audience – to – Media Made BY the Audience.

It’s Their World.
We’re talking about social media people really care about…
Feeds. Functions. Fotos. Friends. Favorites.

Branded Content + Audience Generated Social Media
…it comes at them from a variety of fragmented sources & services.

Blogs. Photoblogs. Podcasts. Vidcasts. Social Networks. Event Aggregators. Indie Artists. Media & Entertainment Companies.Various Web Services & API’s. This availability of social media is driving up demand for constant access to it.

  • Mobile subscribers are demanding the content and connections they care about to be available everywhere, all the time, and without a lot of work.
  • Brands, Media & Entertainment companies need to rapidly pull together assets, partners and audiences under a single umbrella they control.

Needs naturally arise…

  • How do you access the content on your phone?
  • How do you personalize the experience?
  • How do you glue it all together?

Choice 1: Carrier Portals
Operator portals are too slow and too rigid to keep up with this tsunami of user-generated content and do not provide subscribers with the tools necessary to organize it. This has contributed to the off-portal migration of services and the breaking down of the carrier walled gardens. Case in point, 70% of Vodafone’s mobile data revenues are now being generated by off-portal content.

Choice 2: Third-Party Mobile Portals
Meanwhile AOL, Google, Yahoo, and MSN are routing around the operators with their own flavor of the walled garden. Sure you can obtain access to their content and partners but the experience is not that much different from that of the carrier portals.

Choice 3: Winksite: Direct-To-Consumer Mobile Portals
Winksite helps mobilize, organize, personalize (and locate) fragmented, social media.

How Does Winksite Work?
In minutes, you can set up a Direct-To-Consumer (or personal) portal for the Mobile Internet outfitted with features that mashes-up branded content with audience generated social media.

  • RSS-To-Mobile Publishing (Syndicated Blogs, News Feeds & Events)
  • Chat, Blog, Polls, Forums & Events
  • Any Mobile Phone
  • Any Carrier Network

Pulling It All Together. Who’s Doing It?
Over 10,000 publishers including brands such as FUSE TV, BoingBoing, Creative Commons, O’Reilly’s MAKE Magazine, Cinema Minima, The Industry Standard and The Creative Weblogging Network responded to Winksite’s benefits during the last 18 months by creating mobile portals. These branded spaces along with those of individual publishers generated close to 200 million mobile screen views during that time.

The users are an attractive demographic – 16-24 years old – 35% and 25-34 – 36%, hailing from 139 countries and 69 mobile carriers (55% U.S).