What's in a Name? Or, You Say New Delhi. I Say Dilli.

While setting up metros for the mobile chat network side of what we do we’ve come across something we need some help on.

It boils down to something like this – You say New Delhi. I say Dilli.

We did some research, talked to some friends from that part of the world, and checked out what other social networking sites like Xanga were doing. For additional information please see: “India’s New Names“.

We went with Dilli.

…but now we’re hearing some differing opinions as to which is preferred. Including comments made to Scott while he was visiting Mumbai.

So which should it be – Dilli or New Delhi? We would like to know what you think?

At WINKsite a metro is a geographic area. We limit metros to large metropolitan areas. The name for that metro could refer to a major city in that area or the city itself.

List of India Metros at WINKsite