The Future Of "Roll Your Own" Mobile Revenues: Part 1

Mobility has already spirited into existence new sources of revenue.

Opportunities are legion: mobile shopping, mobile gaming, mobile auctions, location-specific advertising and promotion, anytime/anywhere access to information, downloads, mobile dating services, and so on.

These opportunities can be distributed across the following payment scenarios:

  • Selling of Personalized Information & Services
  • Pay-Per-Download
  • Point-of-Sale Payments
  • Person-to-Person Payments
  • Rapid Contracting and Selling

Furthermore, these payment scenarios must account for the following:

  • Shopping Carts
  • Subscriptions
  • Single Items
  • Donations
  • Content Feeds

The Problem: It's a Walled Garden
These revenue producing opportunities have been available on the most part to a relatively small minority of tech-savvy developers/companies or carrier-connected content providers.

Architecting and managing a mobile site with commerce ability is currently out of reach for millions of individuals & small/medium businesses.

  • Individuals/Merchants need an easy-to-use tool that provides a professional looking and secure platform for reaching the mobile market with their products, offerings and content.
  • Individuals/Merchants need a tool that accounts for traditional as well as emerging mobile products. Each of which require specific transaction and distribution methods.
  • Individuals/Merchants need a turnkey mechanism to accept authorized payment without having to overcome technical hurdles or jump through tranactional hoops.

The Solution: mStorefront
Working together with various partners, WINKsite is looking to meet these needs with simplicity, practicality and business intelligence. The offering will be an easy-to-use and cost-effective vehicle for individuals and businesses to enter the Mobile Internet with a mobile commerce presence.

Embedded into WINKsite's mobile publishing platform will be the opportunity (optional of course) for a mobile site owner to:

  • Activate A Mobile “Storefront” Channel
  • Accept Donations
  • Accept Paid Ads & Sponsorships
  • Sign-Up Subscribers (Free Or Fee-Based)
  • Charge For Downloads
  • Charge For Microcontent & Specialized Feeds
  • Sell Tickets To Events
  • Charge For Mobile Chat & One-On-One Chat Access
  • Charge For Classifieds & Personals
  • Join Various Affiliate Programs
  • Track & Mobilize Auctions
  • Create Mobile Game Environments
  • And More…

The Big Idea
As flexible mStorefront options are released into the WINKsite Mobile Community Publishing Platform various types of mobile businesses will emerge. Wireless Ink anticipates a number of business models and to be sure the mobile community will have some “fresh-n-tasty” thoughts of their own.

What's important? Enabling a new breed of entrepreneurs to capture a piece of the growing mobile marketplace. And how cool is that?


Please Note: Final functionality and pricing for this feature has not yet been established.

Stay tuned for The Future Of “Roll Your Own” Mobile Revenues: Part 2″ – Building Your Own Mobile Business