The Manga Man Premiere – Winksite teams up with Sci-Fi Author Alexander Besher In Meta-Multimedia First

QR Code T-shirt platform to feature physical hyperlink to Besher’s new novel published direct to mobile “Manga Man,” original music soundtrack, book trailer, short film, .mp4 anthology of Japanese avant-garde Butoh dance performances, plus audio book and graphic novel excerpts.

New York, NY, October 18, 2008 — Winksite, a leading mobile content management and social networking software company whose solutions connect publishers to their audiences and audience members to each other, announced plans to team up with novelist Alexander Besher, Philip K. Dick Award nominated author, to launch direct to mobile “The Manga Man,” the San Francisco-based journalist, author, and futurist’s first novel since his celebrated “Rim Trilogy” (“Rim,” “Mir,” and “Chi;” HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster). Debut date is October 31st at

Besher’s tome is a 600-page alternative fantasy noir epic that’s set in the mid-21st century when the speed of media has overtaken the speed of light. The story features a half-digital, half-human “post-Zen” Butoh dancer-assassin whose mission is “to stop the warlords who plan to clone the universe.”

Dave Harper, Founder & CEO of Winksite, says “Working with Besher and his creative team is a natural fit for us. In the past, we’ve collaborated with a wide group of writers and progressive thinkers including Stanford law professor and political activist Lawrence Lessig who inspired us to launch the Creative Commons Library, sci-fi author Cory Doctorow, horror meister David Wellington, and Internet ‘Smart Mobs’ guru Howard Rheingold. Besher’s futuristic vision strikes us as being not only timely but timeless.”

Besher’s multimedia ‘Manga Man’ is the first work of literature in history to appear on a QR/2D-coded T-shirt designed by the prize-winning Italian graphic novel artist Daniele Serra.

For his part, Besher is equally thrilled to be working with Winksite. “I’m convinced that the media platform of the future lies in mobile phone technology. It’s a market that’s growing by leaps and bounds. Just witness the advances represented by Apple’s iPhone and companies like Nokia which is bringing out its multimedia monster, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone. Not to mention the first handheld projectors that are due out this year, and the advent of A4-size screens. I can only say that we’ve truly entered the post-Gutenberg, post-McLuhan age. Our credo is ‘You are the Media.’”

“Dave Harper is that rare breed of visionary and entrepreneur,” Besher declares. “We chose to go with Winksite over other proprietary QR-code gatekeepers and mobile platform sites because Dave is open source and his hands-on passion for pushing the envelope on mobile content knocked me out. He’s been an invaluable partner in helping us bring our vision to life.”

“I also deeply relate to Winksite’s motto: ‘One World. No Borders. 3 Billion Connected People,’” Besher says. “That’s what all my novels have been about—erasing the interface between the human body and the outside world. I hope that everyone will wear my book. We can all meet on the dust jacket on the other side of the Milky Way.”

Advance praise for “The Manga Man”:

“A hidden SF master.”

Rudy Rucker, Philip K. Dick Award winning author of Postsingular, Spaceland, and The Ware Tetralogy (great-grandson of Hegel)

“Pure Superfuture cooked down in sf’s last mad scientist’s lab. Enough ideas for thirty other books blistered down into a sharp little drug that’ll reengineer the front of your head. You want a hit of this. Trust me.”

Warren Ellis, author of the Transmetropolitan and Global Frequency series of graphic novels

“Fascinating! Great!”

China Miéville, author of Iron Council and Perdido Street Station, winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award and the British Fantasy Award

“This book would make Philip K. Dick delirious with joy. Nobody else in science fiction has ever pushed the envelope this hard—or with better success.”

Spider Robinson, best selling novelist and Robert A. Heinlein Estate-appointed completer of sequels to Heinlein’s novels.


Butoh Without Borders Multimedia party and launch for Alexander Besher’s QR Code sentient T-shirt novel THE MANGA MAN this Halloween. All proceeds to benefit Doctors Without Borders.

Date: October 31, 2008
Time: 6 – 9pm
Location: UPDATED: Arte Movimiento SUB Mission, 2183 Mission at 18th Street, San Francisco

About Alexander Besher
Born in China, raised and educated in Japan, Alexander Besher is a San Francisco-based author, journalist and novelist. He is the author of “The Pacific Rim Almanac” (HarperCollins, ’91), and the “Rim” trilogy of futuristic thrillers including the Philip K. Dick Award-nominated “Rim” (HarperCollins ’94; HarperPrism, ’95); “Mir,” and “Chi” (Simon & Schuster, ’98 and ’99). He served as editor of the Chicago Review literary quarterly at the University of Chicago , was contributing editor to InfoWorld magazine, and wrote “Pacific Rim” (Chronicle Features), an internationally syndicated weekly column covering business, technological and social trends in the Asia-Pacific region. His forthcoming novel “The Manga Man” is the first title in his new “Dance of Darkness” trilogy of alternative noir fantasy novels. His novels have been translated into over a dozen languages and film-optioned. Recently, he has been writing screenplays and television scripts.

About Winksite
Winksite is a leading mobile content management and social networking software company whose solutions connect publishers to their audiences and audience members to each other. For more information visit

Darla Mack, the Mobile Diva Could Use Our Help

Please consider lending a hand to Darla Mack and her family.

David Harper
Founder, Winksite

Paypal Donation Link:

From the McNeil Family Support Group set up by Debi Jones at Facebook.

The blogosphere is often called a community, and communities have always stepped forward to care for their own in a time of need. A long time blogger in the mobile industry and mentor to new and beginning bloggers is Darla Mack, the Mobile Diva, known in real life as Darlene McNeil.

The McNeil Family is facing a very difficult winter. Darla’s husband, Duane McNeil, was struck by car while walking and is unable to work for several months and recently Darla underwent surgery which makes sitting at the computer for hours extremely painful. The family needs our help.

Facing mounting medical bills and loss of income in the absence of insurance, the family is struggling to meet the most basic of expenses. Darla Mack & FamilyPictured are Duane and Darla along with a photo of their three boys: Duane, Jaden and Gattis.

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Let's Meet Up at MobileCamps in LA, SF, or NY.

MobileCamps bring together mobile enthusiasts, explorers and professionals to share the current state and their visions for the future direction of mobility. Nokia Nseries is sponsoring. I’ll be at all three so…

…if you would like to meet up this would be a great opportunity. Email me if you like.

Follow the links below for venue and RSVP information.

October 28th
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David Harper
Founder, Winksite

On Making Bank with Admob

Re: AdSense for Mobile: Google has competition, I’m making bank with AdMob

Russell writes:
“Wow! A few days ago I noticed my earnings from Google’s mobile ads were starting to taper off around $30 a day, so I decided to flip the switch and start showing AdMob ads again so I could compare what the results would be like with my recently increased traffic. I literally changed one line of code, and everywhere where I had been previously showing Google AdSense, I began showing AdMob ads. POW! I more than doubled my income per day – not only is the eCPM higher in general, but the click through rate is 7%…, which is crazy high. I’m not sure what exactly the difference is – but obviously Mowser users like AdMob ads better – either what they’re advertising, the targeting, how they’re formatted or something.”

Winksite’s take…
We were testing ads from both networks using Winksite’s advertising preferences (publishers can switch between displaying Google & AdMob ads with one click.) After staring at a great number of these ads we observed the following:

Google AdSense Ads

  • All text ads are separated from page content with horizontal lines before and after the ad.
  • All text ads show a URL after the ad copy.
  • All text ads display an “Ads by Google” tag.

AdMob Ads

  • WML-based text ads show [AD] at the beginning of each ad.
  • iPhone-based text ads shows “Ads by Admob”. Ad is placed within a box with curved corners.
  • XHTML-based text ads ONLY display ad copy. No defining box or lines. No “Ads by Admob” tagline.

Now unless I misread AdMob’s recently released Mobile Metrics Report it appears a good number of AdMob’s impressions are served to phones that display the XHTML-based text ads (based on Admob’s worldwide and regional “Top Ten Handset Models” list.) As these ads can be misinterpreted as a link on the page (unlike the other flavor ads across Google and Admob) it’s likely that this could account for the performance Russell is referring to above. I don’t know if this is intentional by design or an oversight. I also don’t know enough to comment on the differences as to what each network is advertising or how effective their targeting is. What I do know is that AdMob provides publishers with granular approval of the ads to be displayed. Nice.

(Disclaimer: We’re big fans of publisher-focused services.)

— David Harper

How to Set Up Your Winksite Mobile Site & Community with Google AdSense or Admob Mobile Advertising.

Re: Winksite – Monetize Your Mobile Site with Advertising from Google AdSense or Admob.

GOOGLE: Setting Up Your Mobile Site to Display Ads From Google AdSense

Set-up at Google AdSense

  1. Log into Google AdSense ID at and create an account if you do not already have one (can take 1-2 days after submitting your application to Google.)
  2. Click the ‘My Account’ tab near the top.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the ‘Account Settings’ page to the ‘Property Information’ section.
  4. Your Google AdSense ID is the alphanumeric code next to ‘AdSense for Mobile’ and typically starts with: ca-mb-pub-

Set-up at Winksite

  1. Enter the Google AdSense into your mobile site’s “Advertising Preferences” page accessible from your Account “Dashboard” or “Edit Site” Main Menu (see Monetize Your Site | Advertising Preferences).
  2. Select “Display Google AdSense Ads”
  3. Select ad position and placement on your site templates/pages.
  4. Hit the “Save” button at the bottom of the set-up form.

ADMOB: Setting Up Your Mobile Site to Display Ads From Admob

Set-up at AdMob

  1. Log into AdMob at and create an account if you do not already have one.
  2. Click the ‘My Sites’ tab near the top.
  3. If you have not set up a site for use with AdMob, click ‘Add Site’ and use the address of your site which is:
  4. On the ‘Manage My Sites’ page, the alphanumeric AdMob Site ID is displayed.

Set-up at Winksite

  1. Enter the AdMob Site ID into your mobile site’s “Advertising Preferences” page accessible from your Account “Dashboard” or “Edit Site” Main Menu (see Monetize Your Site | Advertising Preferences).
  2. Select “Display AdMob Ads”
  3. Select ad position and placement on your site templates/pages.
  4. Hit the “Save” button at the bottom of the set-up form.

Note: For either Ad Network option you do not need to insert any code on your Winksite mobile site. You ONLY need your Google AdSense ID or your AdMob Site ID.

Winksite – Monetize Your Mobile Site with Advertising from Google AdSense or Admob.

Winksite drives a lot of mobile pages views. Over the years, most every ad network on the planet has approached Winksite about monetizing our mobile traffic. We always played with the idea of signing up, but we don’t view Winksite’s traffic as “ours” alone. As we see it, publishers who trust their content and communities to Winksite’s care provide Winksite with great value just by showing up. The traffic and impressions are mostly there because of the efforts of our 25 thousand publishers and the audience they attract.

We can’t unilaterally profit from that traffic like the other feed mobilizers and site building tools. They have it wrong and are ripping off the publishers. At best their share of the revenue share is too high — at worst — they take it all.

It took a while for us to figure out the obvious — make it drop dead simple for a publisher to insert either Google Mobile AdSense or AdMobs ads into their mobilized feeds, mobile Websites, and communities at Winksite — and take NO revenue share.

All a publisher needs do is:

  1. Register and create a mobile site.
  2. Enter their Google AdSense ID or AdMob Site ID.
  3. Select ad position and placement on their site templates.

What would you like next?

Tutorials for Creating a Mobile Website at Winksite

Thank you Nik for putting together some great tutorials on how to use Winksite.

Creating a mobile phone website by Nik Peachey

Here’s a movie showing what my site should look like on a mobile phone.
Winksite demo

Here’s another movie showing how to create your own site
Tutorial movie 1

An this movie shows how you edit and change the site
Tutorial movie 2

You can try the live site on your PC
Interact with the live Winksite

Sign Up to build your mobile Website.