InformationWeek Interviews David Harper on Mobile SEO

Winksite’s 25K publishers rely on us to sort out Mobile SEO on their behalf. That’s a responsibility we take seriously.

Catch up on what we’re thinking and doing…

28 Aug 07: InformationWeek: David Harper Interviewed by Stephen Wellman
How To Optimize Your Mobile Website For Search

30 Jun 07: David Harper’s Different Things Blog (Winksite)
Winksite Releases Major Upgrade – Love the Mobile Web.

27 Jun 07: InformationWeek
Simple Web Design And Discoverability Are Keys To Mobile SEO

Additional Resources
Paul Bennett has started a mobile SEO blog where he maintains a list of useful resources. Paul also formed a Mobile SEO Group where I hope others will join us in further discussion. (UPDATE: Apparently membership is currently by invitation only so if you’re interested in an invitation, please introduce yourself to Bryson Meunier.) Paul writes over at Marketing Pilgrim reporting on Mobile Marketing news with Andy Beal. He was kind enough to write an article about Winksite, “Winksite Shares Some Mobile Love“.

Disclaimer: The mention of my name in the title of a post I wrote is intended for SEO purposes only. It should not be taken as an expression of self importance. I just dropped behind the Walton’s guy again. – David Harper

Preview: MobileOK Templates

Winksite is the first standards compliant mobile Website builder that also includes mobile-tuned community features such as forum, chat, and polls.

See for yourself how one set of our beta XHTML presentation templates rate at dotMobi. dotMobi’s MobiReady Report tests the mobile-readiness of a site using industry best practices & standards. uses industry standard tests developed with the W3C and leading mobility companies. provides an analysis of how your web content is likely to function on a mobile device. Many tests performed by are defined by the W3C in the MobileOK Basic Tests 1.0 document. It is currently in review.

Boing Boing Mobile (Scores 5 out of 5)
Direct link to Mobi Ready score for Boing Boing Mobile.

Metroblogging Mobile (Scores 5 out of 5)
Direct link to Mobi Ready score for Metroblogging Mobile.
View Metroblogging Mobile on the Opera Mini Simulator.

What About My Winksite?
If you have a Winksite of your own use this URL string: replacing [WINKSITE_ID] with your Winksite ID #. Paste this URL into the MobiReady Report located at

We still have several weeks to go to take these templates out of beta but the following roadmap will give you an idea of where we’re heading with them. …the plan vanilla look of the current templates will get alot sweeter looking prior to release.

Release 1: Standards Compliant & SEO
  • XHTML MP standards compliant presentation templates
  • Site-level Google Mobile Sitemap file (sitemap.gz)
  • Choice of design templates
Release 2: Custom Templates & Media Support
  • Mobile-tuned WYSIWYG Editor
  • Support for logo
Release 3: Sites for Small Spaces
Presentation templates to support gamers and their favorite devices. …and who’s WiFi connected, portable version of the Internet has been largely ignored by publishing platforms and communities. We’re changing that.
  • Presentation support for Nintendo Wii, DS Lite and Sony PSP gaming device Web browsers