Integral by the Pet Shop Boys – QR Codes & Campaigning Against the Erosion of Our Personal Freedom

For all of you who dig QR Codes this is for you.
(Scott forgive me.)

Watch the Pet Shop Boys Video in Wide Format:

The video sets out to amplify the message of the song. The piece was conceived and created by The Rumpus Room as a multi platform project, having versions of the film for small hand held devices as well as large resolution screens. It is both a traditional piece of film and an interactive portal to online information and campaigns.

The video has over 100 QR Codes that are subliminal when watched in real time, but accessible to interact with if you navigate through the film using time controllers. The QR Code links in the video are a catalogue of online content about issues of civil liberties, as well as links that will give you the opportunity to get involved in campaigning against the erosion of our personal freedom.

I think we found our theme song for MobileCamps.