HP 's The Digital Mindset Blog – So How Important Is Mobile For Social Marketing?

HP asks, “So how important is mobile for social marketing?”

HP then answer’s their own question, “In short, very.”

I have to agree.

HP’s The Digital Mindset Blog::

  • John Hadl, whom Brandweek called “the father of mobile marketing” and a top 10 Next Generation Marketer, predicts that in a couple of years mobile phones will be the “premier consumer connection and medium for insights available for marketers.”
  • Julie Ask of Jupiter Research makes the case that mobile has already become a natural and increasingly important complement to social marketing campaigns. She provides a list of seven best practices for marketers to keep in mind when creating mobile social marketing campaigns.
  • In his keynote at Mplanet 2006, AT&T’s COO Randall Stephenson, said that of the three vehicles AT&T has to reach customers in their new Three Screen Initiative (internet/PC, TV, wireless/mobile phone), wireless is the most important.
  • Wireless Week’s Brad Smith suggests mobile advertising may be poised to explode next year.
  • Tomi Ahonen calculated that in 2006 mobile social networking was already worth $3.45 billion. In Ahonen’s view, “if you are not on mobile, you won’t be relevant soon.”
  • Mmetric recently reported that 12.3 million consumers in the United States and Western Europe accessed a social networking site with their mobile device in June. And this was prior to the launch of the iPhone.

Note: Winksite is mentioned in the post as an example of a mobile web 2.0 mashup, where web content is automatically repurposed for mobile consumption making it “almost trivial to mobilize one’s blog.”