Please Consider Supporting the Semapedia Founders in Their Mission to Spread Useful Physical Hyperlinking

Stan & Alexis are two guys I admire and who’s efforts I support. Please consider doing so yourself. See their letter to me below.


We have been applying for a grant through the Knight Foundation. They sponsor projects that have the potential to tie together geographic communities and provide them with location specific information access. That is where our project Semapedia comes into play.

Please take a look at the challenge briefing here.

If you think that semapedia is a worthy contender please vote for our submission (you need to register to do that):

We plan to use the money to support and educate communities in countries where we think semapedia would make a difference. We are also planning to open a real workshop space in New York to provide an Infrastructure for R&D in Physical Hyperlinking. We want to host brainstorm session and projects that explore how the technology can be applied and help local communities with and beyond Wikipedia.

Thank you for your support,

Stan & Alexis