Mobilizing The Masses With "Location Aware" Applications

“It's not about visualization (which is just the means to the end), it's about identity. For the next phase of computerization, accurate understanding of the physical world will be key.”– Esther Dyson

Geolocation – knowing where an individual has been, where they currently are and where they are going, is information vital to making mobile applications more user-friendly and accessible. Combining an individual's “location identity” information to other location content and data provides the means to make mobile content and applications more useful and empowering.

The question is: More useful and empowering to whom?

Our thought is – the masses.

How? By providing people with the tools to do both the ordinary and extraordinary. Social software that combines location information with actionable content within a creative, social or political mobile network. Social software that closes the loop, mobile-to-mobile. No longer limiting the usefulness to the traditional beneficiaries of geolocation data as it has been utilized on the wired web. (i.e. Marketing, Compliance, Network Security and Fraud Applications)

WINKsite is establishing a framework to enable the immediate connection of a user to customized and shared mobile content, enhancing both usability and the user experience with personalized content and geographically relevant data. The next step for WINKsite is partnering with complimentary information and mapping companies.

Another question is: What will the masses do with it?

First the ordinary, then the extraordinary.The ordinary, everyday uses:

  • Based on the address of an event provide visitors to your mobile event site directions, weather, or items of local interest.
  • Finding people of similar interests at sporting event, local ski area, convention, travel destination, airport or concert.
  • Real time journalism, breaking news, unique events, public interest occurrences blogged from your current location.
  • Coordination of meetings with associates and/or friends whom are also wireless. (i.e. Ability to respond from your mobile to Dave Wiener, Robert Scobie,or Joi Ito's announcements of possible dinners and access location-based directions to the venue.)
  • Hide a geocache then provide a mobile site to connect everyone on the hunt.

The extraordinary, futuristic and “Smart Mob” uses:

  • Volunteers coordinating food and supply distribution in developing countries lacking the necessary infrastructure.
  • A community coordinating search & rescue efforts in situations where established agencies are slow or unable to respond with the ability to report on the whereabouts and status of those affected.
  • Activists coordinating a mass gathering then sustaining on-going efforts via mobile community site.

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