Warren Ellis Goes Mobile

This just in from Xeni Jardin of Boing Boing – “New mobile short stories for your WAP — Warren Ellis Portable — phone.

“Warren Ellis Portable” — Thirteen ultrashort stories in permanent installation, from author/blogger/geek-mentor Warren Ellis, “For those long train/bus trips, extended visits to the toilet, whatever.”

Warren Ellis writes, “I've set up two new sites for WAP-enabled mobile phones or wireless-enabled PDAs.”

Warren Ellis Portable” : I've loaded it up with thirteen short stories from here and elsewhere.

“Phone Puny Humans: The Winksite system — about which more another time — hooks into the RSS feed from a blog and turns it into a WAP site, doing all the work for me. All you do is copy the URL your RSS feed is on, and paste it into the related box on your Winksite control panel. So there it is — diepunyhumans.com in mobile phone flavour.”

About Warren Ellis
Since 1990 Warren Ellis has written some thirty graphic novels, including the award-winning sf work TRANSMETROPOLITAN, the best selling DV8 and WOLVERINE: NOT DEAD YET, the influential THE AUTHORITY and STORMWATCH, and the optioned-for-television PLANETARY. He has also written the PC game HOSTILE WATERS, has had short fiction published by NATURE and White Wolf, adapted the sf novel MINDBRIDGE for an animated feature film currently in pre-production, and created a book of short prose and photography, AVAILABLE LIGHT. He is currently under exclusive contract to DC Comics for graphic novel and serial comics work.

He was featured in Entertainment Weekly's 100 Most Creative People In Entertainment, and in Rolling Stone's Hot Issue list of creatives. He has the International Horror Guild award for graphic narrative.

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