The Winksite Difference: Part 2

“In order to create communicontent, pure content needs meta-data, and pure communication needs organization.” – Russel Beattie.

Look around. Winksite delivers benefits very different from Blogger, TypePad, NewBay, TextAmerica, TagTag, MyWap, UPOC and Blah! et al. Although we provide various tools for moblogging, we should not be mistaken as a competitor to blogging companies. More accurately we should be considered a useful service available to the entire blogging community. Winksite is unique to the space, providing mobile-to-mobile enhancements to any blog or journal.

One of our goals is to help get content onto subscriber’s phones and so grow the author’s audience. Why? The mobile audience is huge – The GSM Association has announced that the number of subscribers to GSM wireless networks has surpassed the one billion mark. That’s roughly equivalent to one-sixth of the entire world population. In fact, worldwide most people access the Internet not from their desktop or wi-fi notebook but from handheld web-enabled devices.

Let’s connect everyone to all the great content and thoughts bouncing around the “Blogsphere.” Don’t leave anyone out or behind or without a voice. If you want to place an even grander purpose to that objective just think of how concepts published in such works as Joichi Ito’sEmergent Democracy” could transform the world as they flow free and actionable across phones of citizens throughout the world.

The Winksite Difference:

  1. Any individual or group using their choice of weblog service (via any flavor of syndication feed) can create a mobile edition of their blog that’s viewable universally across a broadspectum of web-enabled devices and carriers worldwide.
  2. Any individual or group can choose to activate ancillary mobile channels that transforms this mobile content space into a powerful communication, collaboration and coordination tool, increasing its utilitarianism.

Content + People + Mobile Device = Mobile Community


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