We Couldn't Agree More (#01)

This in from Mike Rowehl, author of the Bitsplitter Blog:

“I'm currently reading Interface Culture, and some of the stories about the early adoption of hypertext remind me a lot of what seems to be going on with mobile content. We're still in a very investigatory phase with relation to mobile services and publishing. Some of us see a lot of potential, but aren't quite able to make the full jump all the way to what our vision of mobile services should be. Others don't really see the value in the medium yet so they're holding back. And I think just like what happened with the web, eventually everyone will end up using mobile services. But once we're there the believers will be saying “see, I told you mobile services were going to have a major impact”, while the skeptics will be saying “see, I told you that mobile services weren't going to work the way they were originally brought out”. And both groups are going to be correct to a point. The end result of a stream of innovation such as is happening within wireless and mobile communications almost never ends up looking like what the original conception was. That's part of the definition of a successfull technology. It gets adopted and adapted and extended by the people who first see the strong applications for it. Those applications are not normally technology driven, so the “cool” stuff that us technologists see coming down the line may or may not have anything to do with the user applications that first drive adoption. The best thing we can do is make something (anything) available to users and then see what they do with it. Release the technology and see what the people come up with. People ask me why I use WINKsite as an example all the time. Well, this is it. They've got a technology that they think is going to be big at some point, so they put up a public site to let people experiment with it and learn about how it could be used. I consider that a perfect example of proper planning for innovation.” – Mike Rowehl

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Wireless Ink Comment:

“We couldn't agree more. For Wireless Ink it is all about providing features in a way that supports how people prefer to work or play, dependent on a particular situation or task. Give them a flexible tool, step out of the way, watch, listen then respond with innovations.

Our members are the life and future of our service, shaping our product with their feedback and creative uses. We also receive a lot of encouragement and that's great for the ego.

We've spent close to three years developing our platform and establishing an ecosystem. It lets individuals and businesses publish, share, broadcast and interact with mobile content in ways not previously possible. We made WINKsite so simple that if you know how to use voice mail you will understand how to use it.

While the WINKsite platform was being developed we also provided custom development services to a growing list of clients. These clients have used our publishing technology in the fields of entertainment, finance and communications. Public companies such as Verint Systems (VRNT) have used our core technology to connect to their partners, employees and clients. Much like our WINKsite community members, these clients have also helped shape our product offerings.

. . . and that's the way it should be. ” – David Harper

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