Mobile Contact Centre: Code & Partners Extends Its Online Presence In Partnership With Wireless Ink

This just released by C&P:

Code & Partners is proud to launch its mobile internet presence in partnership with Wireless Ink, USA.

This new communication channel is the first step towards the full integration of mobile internet capabilities in the Mobile Contact Centre, enabling end-users to interact with our platform through wap requests while receiving wap pushes as replies to help tickets. This new feed back channel will also be offered to all consumers interacting with us through MMS & (P)SMS.

Note: Additional details will be released over the next few weeks.

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About Code & Partners
Code & Partners, designing innovative mobile applications.
C&P presents the very first MOBILE CONTACT CENTRE, consisting of a blend of self-learning intelligent agents & human operators interacting live through a carrier-grade web based proprietary software platform with mobile services end-users (TV watchers, radio listeners, advertisers target groups, premium mobile services customers).

The MOBILE CONTACT CENTRE operators process thousands of messages per day, generated by the following services :

  • Track&Solve download errors (spelling and/or syntax errors in sms orders)
  • Ringtone On Demand (just send the title of a ringtone to order it)
  • Chat Boosting (chat 24/7 with live operators)
  • Mobile Helpdesk (advanced mobile customer care, using SMS/MMS/WAP)

Current clients include Moustik, K-Mobile, Utel, MSN, NRJ, AB Group, McDonalds, Belgacom, Nuon, Xbox, Nestlé, First Division soccer teams. C&P operates in Germany, France, Belgium, Mexico, The UK and Spain. C&P has recently entered into a pan-European strategic alliance with European leader Netsize to become its overall Premium SMS end-user support partner.

About Wireless Ink, LLC
Wireless Ink, Mobilizing The Masses
US-based Wireless Ink provides mobile publishing and community solutions for network operators, content providers, mobile device manufacturers, enterprise, and brands. Wireless Ink's award-winning, platform, WINKsite has been created to change the face of the mobile Internet — making it easier for, and more accessible to, the masses. For more information, please contact:

Press Contacts:

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