Google &Yahoo Extends Ad Networks To Mobile

Google Zeros In On Mobile Web from MOCO.NEWS | View Original Post Here
“Google has started a service that targets sites that are designed for use on mobile devices, using XHTML. “To use the Google service, people go to the company’s homepage via the web browser on their phones, type in their search query and select “Mobile Web (Beta)” as their search option.” There are no ads with the service yet…”

Yahoo Sells Ads On WAP Page from MOCO.NEWS | View Original Post Here

“Mobile content provider Mobile Commerce has secured a deal with search marketing firm Overture to launch a mobile travel deals search service…The WAP service, which will available to all networks, enables travel companies to bid for keywords listed on the Yahoo! WAP site.” It’s the same concept as on the internet, but on mobiles…it’s unclear from the article how the ads will be presented, but the three companies with the current highest bid will have their ads displayed.”

A Thought: Gee. WINKsite generated 110 mobile screen views in 2004 with zero promotion. Now if we increase the size of our audience and integrate these and other ad networks into WINKsite…Hmmm.

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