BlogHer Foundation Sponsorships

Note: We like the approach Mena of Six Apart followed to sponsor attendees to Blogher…

… so we lifted part (mostly all) of our copy directly from her. Hope she doesn’t mind. Here’s the deal with minor adjustments.

As part of our participation in the upcoming BlogHer conference on July 30 in Santa Clara, Next Village will be covering the registration costs of three women bloggers from the WINKsite community. So if you’re a WINKsite user (if your not a member sign up here – registration is free) who wants to go to BlogHer and would be interested in Next Village covering your cost of registration (we won’t, unfortunately, be able to cover travel expenses), please send us an email to

Entries must be received by 7/20/05 and include answers to the following:

Your name:
Your email address:
Your URL:
Your WINKsite username:
Tell us a little bit about how you use your phone for activities other then voice calls?
Tell us a little bit about how WINKsite could be improved?
What do you hope to gain from attending the conference?

We’re looking for insight as to how to improve the WINKsite experience and feature set for women so the depth and quality of your answers will help us decide who we will be sponsoring.

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