Winksite Metro Gatherings: Chennai & Mumbai

Scott Rafer will be in Chennai (25 Jan – 28 Jan) and Mumbai (29 Jan – 1 Feb).

We would like to take advantage of that opportunity to meet more Winksite publishers and community members in person by holding a no-host gathering.

Please let us know if you or others have an interest in getting together with Scott one of those evenings. Please email us at :
events [at] winksite [dot] com so we can place you on our contact list.

About Winksite Metro Gatherings
The idea behind Winksite Metro Gatherings is to bring together Winksite publishers and community members interested in meeting with us and each other to share ideas.

Anyone with an interest in wireless/mobile is welcome, so please pass the word. If you have any ideas or suggestions on future locations for Winksite Metro Gatherings, please share them with us by emailing:
events [at] wirelessink [dot] com

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