Mobile Content Festival at SWSX

Dean McCall at SalsaNet asked me to help spead the word.

…my pleasure Dean. This looks great!

Mobile Content Festival at SWSX

An experiment in gaming and application development for mobile devices.

Presented by the Digital Convergence Initiative of the Texas Technology Corridor, Film San Antonio, Critical Mass Interactive, and HBMG Foundation/ArtSpark. March 14th, 2005.

The DCI is looking to address the current influence of mobile devices on our culture. Mobile devices have had a tremendous effect on our society and we are interested in how that new audience might best be communicated to in this new medium. It is our belief that this new medium offers special consideration that have yet to be suitably identified; the least of which is viewing size. Other considerations for this new form are cost per download, as well ergonomic concerns, etc.

The Festival is looking for mobile content submissions that explore the mobile lifestyle. Submit your project now. Deadline is March 5th for Applications and Games, and March 1st for Films.

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