About Mobile Monday NY

Dave Harper is one of the founding organizers of the New York Chapter of the worldwide network of Mobile Mondays.

Mobile Monday New York (MoMoNY) is a leading networking event supporting the local mobile industry and is a focal gathering point for business and product managers, entrepreneurs, application developers, academia, analysts and the media. Mobile Monday’s main activities include face-2-face gatherings each month and virtual networking via the world-wide community of Mobile Monday groups. MoMo is an open forum for mobile professionals fostering cooperation and cross border business development through virtual and live networking events, which share ideas, best practices and trends from domestic and global markets.

Mobile Monday supports mobile-related entrepreneurs, new ventures and new application development, events are made possible through the sponsorship of forward-looking companies that understand the power of individual inspiration and innovation. The purpose of this website is to provide a virtual meeting space where participants in New York can network, communicate, share and inspire each other. It is also the central information point for all MoMo activities, including our headline presentation and networking events and, in the future, seminars, briefings and other gatherings aimed at supporting people in the mobile industry.

Our philosophy includes openness, equality, inclusion and the assumption that ideas should be tested through vigorous debate, critical examination and peer review. We also believe that initiative and risk-taking should be honoured, and that the mobile industry is playing a key role in shaping society. There is a direct connection between mobile interconnectedness and political and social freedom, the strengthening of democracy, the rational management of our collective future and the triumph of reason and enlightenment.

Most people on planet Earth have never touched a computer — and they never will. But it is conceivable that, one day, almost everyone will have a mobile phone that allows them to communicate with fellow citizens, access networks and databases and take control of their lives, their livelihood and their future.

As “mobile folks,” we invite you to examine how the mobile industry can contribute to making our neighbourhoods, our cities and our societies better.

We hope MoMo New York grows into a tool to help the industry achieve benefits for everyone, spread knowledge & encourage people with good ideas to take action.

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