CTIA Release: More Mobile Bar Code Love

This this the first of several releases concerning WINKsite, our efforts to move mobile bar coding forward in the U.S., and the partners we’re doing it with.


ConnexTo™ service improves content access and merchandising for leading mobile content site.

Las Vegas, NV., April 5, 2006 – – Nextcode Corporation (www.nextcodecorp.com), a leader in optical barcode reading solutions for camera phones, today announced that Wireless Ink Corp has integrated its ConnexTo code creation and code reading capabilities into its WINKsite Mobile Community. With this partnership, WINKsite publishers will be able to create 2D codes that can be scanned with camera phones to provide one-click direct access to the mobile sites. Publishers can now easily incorporate codes into print or on-screen promotional materials to drive increased traffic to the mobile content.

The ConnexTo Code Creation tools can be integrated with mobile content systems, such as WINKSite, allowing publishers to embed web addresses into codes. Consumers can install the free ConnexTo Code Reader onto standard camera phones to easily link
to Web content and to enable a range of mobile applications. ConnexTo uses a new two-dimensional (2D) code format called mCode™ specifically designed for camera phones and mobile services. Free personal code-creation tools and information on downloading the free code reader software is available at http://www.ConnexTo.com.

WINKsite powers over 13,000 publishers including brands such as FUSE TV, O’Reilly’s MAKE: Magazine, and Warner Bros Records. Each responded to WINKsite’s benefits during the last 18 months by creating direct-to-consumer portals and communities. These spaces are generating over 20 million mobile screen impressions per month. Sites are created specifically for mobile use and include such things as blogs, journals, chat rooms and forums. Free personal site-creation tools are available at http://www.WINKsite.com.

“We are very happy to be teaming with WINKsite. They make it simple for publishers to create and publish mobile content. With ConnexTo, we are helping their publishers promote their content by make it easy to get to these sites,” said Jim Levinger, CEO of Nextcode. “Instead of requiring dozens of keystrokes, now with ConnexTo, users can simply point, click and enjoy.”

“The amount of content available on the wireless web is growing very fast. But given the constraints of the phone UI, it is often tough to navigate to it,” said Dave Harper, founder of Wireless Ink. “As such, we have been eager to integrate a code scanning solution for our publishers so that their audiences can get to the content that matters to them quickly. We are very impressed by the Nextcode solution. We have found it to be powerful, flexible and very easy to use.”

One example of how ConnexTo improves the wireless experience is in the case of street marketing. A band can distribute posters advertising an upcoming show with a mCode printed on it. Instead of having to search for a pen and paper to write the time and place, or go through the tedious process of keying it into the phone, fans simply take a picture of the mCode to store that information or link directly to it.

Nextcode is a leader in optical barcode scanning technology and was founded in 2003 in Concord, Mass. The company’s goal is to simplify mobile services and remove usability barriers to accessing mobile content, commerce and services. For more information, visit http://www.nextcodecorp.com.

ConnexTo and mCode are trademarks of Nextcode Corporation.

Wireless Ink is a leading mobile content management and social networking software company whose solutions connect publishers to their audiences and audience members to each other on mobile phones. Whether you’re an individual, a brand or a community, Wireless Ink (WINKsite) provides a powerful one-stop solution for creating, managing and aggregating mobile communities. For more information visit http://www.winksite.com/.

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