Save the Moble Web from Vodafone. Actions to Take.

Dennis from Wap Review has pointed out several actions to take if you are against the actions of Vodafone in his post, “Vodafone’s Heavy-Handed Transcoder.”

From Wap Review:

This is a serious issue. Vodafone is clearly wrong. As defined by the W3C, the purpose of the User-Agent header is to identify the originating browser. More importantly Vodafone is breaking a long established de-facto standard in mobile-web development that the User-Agent is the best way to identify a particular handset for the purpose of optimizing content delivery. Vodafone is breaking the mobile web. As the second largest mobile carrier in the world they have enormous power and are setting a dangerous precedent. If you are a mobile developer or user who wants to see quality content please let your voice be heard.

Things you can do:

  • Send an email of support to Luca (passani at eunet dot no).
  • Let Vodafone know what you think by leaving a comment on their message board.
  • If you have a blog, raise this issue and link to Luca’s statement.

We need to create a ruckus and use the publicity to get Vodafone to change their behavior. The proxy should not change the User-Agent and it should not be the default. Voda needs to give their users the real mobile web, unfiltered and un-transformed. The proxy should be an option to be invoked by the user only if and went it’s needed.

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