Mowser is Dead. The Mobile Web is Alive. …And Here Are the "Mobile Analytics" to Support It.

Mowser is Dead.
Russell Beattie who recently closed down his transcoding service Mowser posted in part, “I think anyone currently developing sites using XHTML-MP markup, no Javascript, geared towards cellular connections and two inch screens are simply wasting their time, and I’m tired of wasting my time,” he wrote. The presence of a separate “mobile Web,” he said, is “limited at best, and dying at worst.” He goes on to say, “Let me say that again clearly, the mobile traffic just isn’t there. It’s not there now, and it won’t be.”

The Mobile Web is Alive.
Not quite Russell. While Mowser may have failed it’s a stretch to imply the Mobile Web is failing as well. No one wants a lame, featureless, stripped down, even “bastardized” version of anything. That is true today, was true a year ago when Mowser launched, and true 8 years ago when “WAP” was first declared dead. Yes, for mobile enthusiasts transcoding service like Mowser can be handy at times but for the masses those “times” have never come and never will. Besides what you end up is not something a brand, business, or individual serious about mobile cares to have presented to their audience — if you are the audience — consume.

On the contrary mobile traffic is building worldwide month on month. This growth is being witnessed across a variety of services — ad networks, social search/discovery services, and emerging mobile analytic services.

Dennis of Wap Review has this to say about it, “The Future of the Web on Mobile Phones.” …and then there is Carlo Longino of Mob Happy with, “The Mobile Web Is Dead. Long Live The Mobile Web.” Then finally, Mike Rowehl (Mowser Co-founder) has his own take with, “What Happened to Independent Thought?

…And Here Are the “Mobile Analytics” to Support It.
MobileMonday NYOn April 28th in New York, I’ve organized a free MobileMonday NY event that includes panelists from several companies active in mobile analytics and social search – Amethon, Bango, Mobilytics, Resolution Media, Quattro, TigTag, and taptu.

In part, we’ll be discussing insights gained from watching the very real growth of the Mobile Web and what is being learned from the aggregated mobile data and social actions of people. The event is free — learn more and RSVP.

You’re all invited.

5 thoughts on “Mowser is Dead. The Mobile Web is Alive. …And Here Are the "Mobile Analytics" to Support It.

  1. David, firstly thank you for organizing the Mobile Monday event on the
    28th of April, I for one am looking forward to not only speaking About
    Amethon’s Mobile Analytics application at the event but forwarding the
    dialog between mobile content publishers, or better still, desktop web
    content publishers who are on the verge or investigating how best to
    move forward and are now ready to start repurposing their content for a
    better mobile experience.

    I think the key point here is that….”Mowser was filling a temporary
    problem”, with the release of the iPhone and the imminent release of
    Android OS on the horizon and the sure but steady improvements in the
    Windows Mobile 6 OS I think Russell is throwing in the towel as handsets
    are getting “good enough to no longer need Mowser”.

    I like Russell, I’ve been a long time reader of his excellent blog and
    an occasional user of his Mowser application. Now do I think he threw it
    in too early with only 12 months operation – sure but that’s because I’m
    a serial startup entrepreneur with 2 listed companies under my belt.

    As an employee of one of the worlds first mobile
    browser specific analytics applications I for one am seeing huge growth
    in mobile content.

    Amethon’s clients are seeing traffic build month on month, and yes I
    think a lot of that has to do with better quality handsets and better
    quality browsers and most importantly higher data speeds with somewhat
    more reasonable flat rate unlimited data plans.

    With a better user experience more people are finding the convenience of
    accessing content on the move …..or standing still but getting it
    right where they are standing with a mobile device never far from their
    hand ….

    The best part about this mobile content is the volume of advertising
    coming into the space is funding a better user experience, and with
    tools like Amethon Mobile Analytics users analytics information and a
    solid roi can be demonstrated against this advertising spend.

    Am I sad to see Mowser go, yes – Will Russell bounce, for sure – one of
    the smartest pioneers in the mobile business, Do I think USA consumers
    are a little behind eastern consumer patterns in mobile content
    consumption – YES but that has more to do with carriers and handsets
    than personal desires and usage patterns.

    The mobile space is just taking off, with all the fallouts and successes
    that there was in the desktop browser wars in the 1990’s.

    Watch this space and get in early……your customers are waiting.

    Dean Collins

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