CISCO Blog: Social Media for Social Good – Winksite Resonates

CISCO Blog: Social Media for Social Good
The CISCO Blog is collaboratively written by Charlie Treadwell and Sushant Sahani as a summary of the Social Media Club – Silicon Valley chapter’s inaugural event titled Social Media for Social Good. Charlie Treadwell is Corporate Affairs Marketing manager in Cisco’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

A diverse group of panelists shared their ideas on how to leverage social media for creating sense of community within their local areas, for increasing awareness about social issues, and for fundraising during disasters, etc.

Some of the tools that resonated with the group were:

  • Grameen Foundation’s MoTeCH Program using test messaging subscriptions to inform pregnant mothers in Ghana of important antenatal and neonatal information.
  • Ushahini’s mashup of SMS and Google maps to to report violent acts against citizens in Kenya during a disputed election.
  • – a free service that creates a mobile community website in just minutes and comes with it’s own QR code to instantly connect with users through smartphone technology.

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