Adam Greenfield, Of "" Joins Advisory Board

Adam Greenfield, Internationally-Recognized Information Architect And Coiner Of The Word “Moblog,” Joins Wireless Ink's Advisory Board

COLD SPRING HARBOR, NEW YORK, DECEMBER 30th, 2003. Wireless Ink, LLC, the mobile publishing solutions company (WINKsite), today announced the addition of Adam Greenfield to its Board of Advisors.

Adam Greenfield is an internat ionally-recognized information architect and user-experience consultant, whose clients have included Toyota, Sony, Amway Japan and Nippon Express. He was most recently the lead information architect for the Tokyo office of Web consultancy Razorfish; prior to that he worked as senior information architect for marchFIRST, also in Tokyo.

Adam graduated NYU with an honors degree in Cultural Studies, worked as a rock critic for SPIN Magazine, and later served in the US Army – Special Operations Command as a PSYOP sergeant before entering the Web industry.

A frequently sought-after speaker for events in the information architecture and user-experience communities, Adam has spoken or presented papers at SXSW Interactive, the annual IA Summits, and the Ubicomp conference. Additionally, he organized the First International Moblogging Conference, and is attributed with coining the term “moblog,” or mobile web log. His award-winning personal site,, enjoys a weekly audience in the tens of thousands.

It's not every day you get to announce something like this…
Quote from Adam Greenfield (quote source)

“I've been asked to join the Board of Advisors of Wireless Ink, LLC, the company responsible for the WINKsite moblogs I've been so enthusiastic about in the past, and I am happy to say I have accepted this kind offer.

What excites me the most about this – aside, that is, from getting to work alongside Howard Rheingold, whose work has been inspiring me since I was a 9th grader cutting class to read the Whole Earth Catalogue – is the opportunity to help a truly accessible and engaging product find its widest possible audience and deepest possible utility.

When I first started thinking and writing about moblogs, one of the very first things that occurred to me is that as influential and useful a force as blogging itself has been, as a simple matter of scale it pales into insignificance compared to the potential community of practice that might be able to coalesce around a mobile-phone-based selfpublishing tool. WINKsite is one of the first ways I see that beginning to become a reality, and Wireless Ink definitely has the energy and the initiative to open up these particular vistas. Like I say, I'm delighted to join them, and hope you'll check out what it is that they offer and let me know what you think.”

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