Users Make Content Their Own

This in from Esther Dyson's PC Forum:
“Just as CIOs have problems vendors can't solve, so do consumers take vendors' content only as a starting point for the experiences they create for themselves. How will users interact with content? They are no longer passive consumers, but active participants in downloading, sharing, sampling…. Music leads the way in so many contexts: business models, software design, deployment of devices, user empowerment…. What can we learn from the music business, analytically? How will the role of the publisher (or film or TV studio) change as distribution mechanisms and business models change?”

    Ross Mayfield, SocialText
    Critical mass of people writing on the net, using the internet for social means.” (Note: Links added by Wireless Ink)

    Rob Glaser, Real Networks
    “The value is to individuals, and society, in the sheer number of previously silent voices that will sound, in the previously unheard stories that will be told, to whatever size audience. We're slowly but steadily increasing the breadth of human experience and expression that is recorded and available to others. Next to that sort of social good, somehow the implementation details of different business models seem trivial. I think they're all missing the point.”

    Steven Levy, Newsweek
    “Are we going to enter a renaissance of alternatives to the media with homegrown stuff, or is it going to be more of an 'American Idol' kind of thing?”

Wireless Ink Commentary
“The mobile audience is huge – The GSM Association has announced that the number of subscribers to GSM wireless networks has surpassed the one billion mark. That's roughly equivalent to one-sixth of the world population. In fact, worldwide most people access the Internet not from their desktop or wi-fi notebook but from handheld web-enabled devices. Let's connect everyone to all the great content and thoughts bouncing around. Don't leave anyone out or behind or without a voice – and make it easy”

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