Create a Mobile Edition Of Your Blog

Already have a weblog or journal with a service such as Typepad, WordPress, Blogger, or Live Journal? If your service provides a valid feed in any of the major formats, creating a mobile edition is simple.

How To Get Started In Under 3 Minutes

  1. Sign up for a FREE WINKsite account at the following URL:
    (Note: We DO NOT release your email address or send SPAM.)
  2. Set-up a basic mobile site.
  3. You will then be brought to the site's “Main Menu” admin screen.
  4. In the left side bar, at the top you will notice a graphic, “Mobilize Your Blog” followed by the words “Mobilize Your Existing Blog via Feed Syndication | enter feed”
  5. Click on “enter feed” and enter the feed URL for your existing blog (accepts any of the major formats).
  6. You will then be returned to the “Main Menu” screen with the “Blog” channel toggled “ON”.
  7. That's it. Your done. Fire up your mobile web browser and check it out.

What Will My Visitors See?
Visitors to the mobile edition of your blog will be able to scan your headlines then link to summaries or full content. If you do not include full text in your feed (and even if you do) a “View full entry…” link is provided to the full post at its originating URL. Visitors can click on this link to read the complete post at your site. Keep in mind this will not work consistantly across all mobile browsers (especially WAP) for various reasons. For those cases we also include a “Send entry to…” link so users can send the post with it's full content link to an email address for desktop access at another time. For obvious reasons we recommend providing full content. Finally, if they are registered at WINKsite they are also provided with an option to subscribe to your feed.

Universal Distribution Across All Mobile Devices.
As mentioned in previous posts one of our goals at WINKsite is to help get content onto subscriber's phones and so grow the author's audience. Why? The mobile audience is huge – The GSM Association has announced that the number of subscribers to GSM wireless networks has surpassed the one billion mark. That's roughly equivalent to one-sixth of the entire world population.

While some blogging services provide style sheets for a PDA-friendly version of your blog content, those templates alone reach just a fraction of the total mobile audience.

As such, WINKsite distributes the mobile edition of your blog in formats accessable by any web-enabled mobile phone.

There's More.
In addition to your blog, you can choose to activate ancillary mobile channels on your mobile site (i.e. forum, polls, events, mobile chat, notes, and more) that transforms this mobile space into a powerful communication, collaboration and coordination tool.

While You're At It…
Your mobile site also includes a “Syndicated Feeds” channel where you can subscribe to and read feeds on your mobile device. Feeds can be entered individually or by mass upload of an OPML file. More information on the “Syndicated Feeds” channel is available at the following post: A Mobile Feed Reader With A Twist

Creative Commons Support.
WINKsite's Creative Commons service will allow you to add a CC license to your site or pass your existing blog's CC license through to your feed. Learn more.

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