One World. No Borders. 2.5 Billion Connected People.

Winksite makes it easy to publish mobile Internet sites and build simple social connections via mobile phones. Over two billion people have a mobile phone, making it the world’s most popular interactive medium. Worldwide, people are not just talking into their phones but reading from them and typing into them.

More mobile phones than PCs are connected to the Internet, but the connections are needlessly complex. Each mobile carrier, each brand of phone, and sometimes each model, place a heavy technical burden on mobile publishers. What if Yahoo had to re-do its web site for Dell, HP, Apple, and others — with modifications based on whether Internet connection is Comcast cable, AT&T DSL, or T-Mobile Wi-Fi? That’s exactly what Yahoo endures on the mobile Internet for Nokia, Motorola, Cingular, and Verizon Wireless.

All this complexity confuses people, yet people are the mobile Internet’s killer app. Mobile phones are personal. They rest in your pocket, not on your desk.

So far, most of the mobile Internet looks like AOL in 1995 — email, chat, and simple games are available via constrained, proprietary interfaces. Struggling to maintain their walled gardens, mobile carriers keep the standards-based mobile Internet at arms-length and make life too hard for mobile users. The carriers are in a rush to sell us mobile video and location-based services, but they don’t provide the ability to build a simple mobile homepage or social profile.

Winksite does. Take five minutes to register and get your basic mobile site and profile launched. Take five more to add your blog, photos, news, or a chat room to your mobile site. Point friends, old and new, to your site via their phones or even their web browser. We’ll make you look good no matter what.

Join Winksite’s quarter million monthly users in 150 countries in the first, simple, concrete steps to making the mobile Internet open and universally accessible.

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