Pssst. Winksite Changes Under Way.

This obviously deserves a detailed post but with a ton of “Lorem Ipsum” placeholder text to replace this weekend that will have to wait.

In the meantime…

At Winksite it has always been our goal to provide a service that supports how people prefer to engage their mobile devices (and each other) rather then what we “hoped” they would do. We purposely developed a tool that was designed wide in order to learn as much as possible. We figured, launch a flexible publishing tool, step out of the way, watch, listen, then respond with innovations. Along the way we talked to hundreds of people, read and responded to thousands of email requests, and participated in the many communities that arose worldwide.

Well, now it’s time to respond. We’ll be building upon what we have learned and go deep for a while. Expect regular, iterative releases over the next 90 days. I’ll post our thoughts throughout and be interested in hearing yours.

So, if you are inclined head over to Winksite to see what’s brewing. Some of what we are up to will be immediately clear, while other aspects will be apparent over time.

And, while we promise not to break anything you’ll notice in the short term a bit of the old mixed with the new.

So it begins. Again.

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