See You at MobileCampNYC: Saturday, May 19th

A group of mobile activists are pulling together MobileCampNYC. I’ll be running a session titled, “One World. No Borders. Few Rules. Growing & Managing Off Portal Mobile Communities.” Hope to see some of you there.

MobileCampNYC is bringing together mobile enthusiasts, explorers and professionals from the NYC metropolitan area to share the current state and their visions for the future direction of mobility. MobileCampNYC hopes to support the many voices helping to unlock the potential of a truly digital life. Topics may include – but are not limited to – mobile gaming, entrepreneurship, social mobility and presence, near field communication, physical hyperlinking, mobile storytelling, the importance of open standards, protocols, and platforms, linux based devices, and mobility on other continents.

Please note that MobileCampNYC is going to have a limit of 100 people to take part in this camp so RSVP while you can by adding your name to the Wiki page.

Saturday, 19th of May

Downtown Conference Center
157 William Street (NW corner of William & Ann Streets)


    Friday 18th of May

  • Meet and Greet
    Saturday 19th of May

  • Morning sessions
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon sessions
  • Awards and Wrap up

Sessions to Date

  • Building a “Poor Man’s SMS Gateway” using Symbian and Ruby, Jose Marinez,
  • One World. No Borders. Few Rules. Growing & Managing Off Portal Mobile Communities. David Harper, Winksite
  • Hyperlink your world – Physical Hyperlinks and their application in the real world. Alexis Rondeau,
  • Racoon Mobile Webserver – Running Apache on mobile phones. Will Turnage

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