People First. Charlie Schick's Mobile Lifestyle Manifesto.

A few of us here in NY (Semapedia, area/code, Socialight, and Winksite) have been kicking around the idea of a Mobile Bill of Rights and planned on discussing it at MobileCampNYC on the 19th.

I’ve been trying to sort out my own thoughts as to where to begin…

…and then I saw Charlie Schick’s Mobile Lifestyle Manifesto.

I can’t speak for anyone else but I like the base Charlie has put together here.

Well done Charlie. Well done.

Mobile Lifestyle Manifesto

  • We are 3 billion strong, respect us – you serve us, you help us.
  • We are not consumers, but active participants in our lives.
  • We want to actively connect and communicate with others, not passively receive.
  • Content is not the end point, but also the start and the middle, too – a catalyst for conversation.
  • Don’t let technology interfere, we want to do things that just work, not fiddle, even if we know what we need to fiddle with.
  • Keep us happy, or we will look for happiness elsewhere.
  • My life is hyperconnected – a lot of stuff coming in and a lot going out. I have no problem with this, so don’t mess my flow, but be a part of it.
  • Keep everything I do smooth, easy, beautiful, and simple.
  • Show me the seams: Don’t obscure things either by making them too complex or too simple.
  • Help me when I’m mobile. Help me when I’m not. Give me the right metaphors for the right moments – don’t mix them up.

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